River FC was started by Coach Franco in 2011.
We are servicing the soccer community on the North Side of Chicago. Youth players of all ages and skill level are welcome. 

Practice location-- Peterson Park
Practice days-- Mon, Tue, Fridays.
What Time--5:30-7pm
Director of coaching --Franco Dagatti
Club Manager--Monica 773.987.2091
Levels-beginner, intermediate and advanced
Age Groups--2018-2007
Leagues--NISL, YSSL and Local Leagues





 After moving to Chicago from his native country of Argentina coach Franco Dagatti decided to start a club that would reflect his Latin roots. We are a community oriented organization whose purpose is to develop individual and team soccer excellence. We are a group of teams, coaches, parents, board members, and soccer enthusiasts who are out for one thing. The Players!  One of the main objectives is to promote self-esteem, character, discipline, comradeship in and out the field; for the new generation of soccer players.  We are located on the North Side of Chicago and we practice at the Peterson Park and Northeastern University. We play in  competitive leagues (NISL and YSSL) as well as in local summer leagues. Our style of play can be described as Latin. We value good passing, solid ball control, possession play, creativity  and good teamwork. For more information please contact Coach Franco.

Soccer career

Professional player

Rosario Central Arg    1997-1999

Douglas Haig             1999-2001


La Piedad                 2005- 2007

Trained by professional coaches 

Rosario Central

Angel Tulio Zof

Miguel Angel Russo

Edgar Paton Bauza

Douglas Haig Pergamino

Ruben Perez

Hugo Lamadrid

Youth Soccer Coach

River FC

2011 to the present